We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

  • Lita Vigil

    Callahan Edfast has a perfect and long reputation for excellence in our community and with our family. This was a team effort and it would be unfair of me to single any one person. Everyone demonstrated the utmost of care and professionalism. When I needed them, they were there for me. There was no task too big for them. If I needed a mountain moved it got moved. Callahan Edfast has masterful senior leadership who know what it means to care for families. Keep up the outstanding work! Read more

  • Patricia Hoey

    Our family has used Callahan Edfast for 50 years. They have never disappointed or come short of expectations. All of my questions were answered with patience, kindness, and lots of information. You didn't flinch when I asked for an opinion or your experience. My mother's service although simple, was arranged and conducted so nicely. Not one of us can avoid dealing with death. Callahan Edfast would be my safe place every time. Wonderful amazing people. Read more

  • Patricia Boigegrain

    You provide excellent service and have done so over the years. Jessica Adolf and especially Michael LeVan were very helpful. I really appreciated the help with notifying mailings, SS, ins policies, etc. Thank you for your help beyond the 'call of duty. Read more

  • Stacy Webb

    Every aspect of my experience with Callahan Edfast was exceptional. I was guided through the experience with such care. I was gently taken through all the steps of the process and everything I needed to know and take care of was presented with such ease and grace. I would have been so overwhelmed figuring everything out on my own, being in such a 'foggy' state. Callahan Edfast truly offers an amazing service to the community. My family and I are very grateful. Read more

  • Rayne Sommers

    You have done a great job for our family for many years. You are all professional and personable. Everyone has been wonderful. Gray showed great compassion and humor. He listened to all our needs. We appreciated having a room to ourselves when we picked up our father's ashes. Thank you. Read more

  • Lois Shumaker

    To my knowledge, no other facility could have treated my daughter and I with more respect at this trying time. Jessica did everything through the procedure in perfect taste. Thank you. Read more

  • Gene Bowen

    This was the hardest time of all my life, I rode bulls and worked oil fields but wasn't very tough in this time, you helped a lot. Gary - Believe it or not I've been there before but was driving by and I knew we would be there and you've done a good job in the past. We appreciate the extra steps that Gary took. You guys did a top hand job. My first time and you helped me get it done. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Thank you. Read more

  • Sandra Hyde

    I come from a background of funeral directors living here in Grand Junction. I have seen what an outstanding team you have. I've know Ben and watched him grow up, he's always been a caring individual and the gentle man that we worked with Gary or Jerry. Thank you for the professional attitude, suggestions and patience exhibited. Everything was "creme of de cream." Everyone was so nice and had great suggestions. The education services were outstanding. Thank you. Read more

  • Eric Huber

    Gary and the staff are very professional. Lon Carpenter was very attentive to our needs. I felt very comfortable I was receiving service that was fair and honest and my fathers body was respected. Thank you. Read more

  • Cathy Pabst

    They know their business and our community. Gary Sr. made it easy for me and presented choices of options we wanted and not a list of things we didn't. Great job when we needed and worked well with our church staff. Thank you. Read more

  • Holly Clutter

    Then did an exceptional job in a very sad and trying time. Super team work. Their compassionate, efficient, and helpfulness meant so much to me. Thank you. Read more

  • Candice Reffitt

    All the staff is very professional and went above and beyond to accommodate us. Gary stayed with us though out everything. Thank you for the individual attention. Everything was beautiful. Thank you. Read more

  • Toni Rubalcaba

    Wonderful people who are professional, compassionate, and honest. Everything they did met or exceeded my expectations. Went above and beyond. I knew they would do everything as professionals. Their kindness and compassion stand out to me. They are the only funeral home in GJ that I would allow my loved one to be taken care of. Respectful - dignity. Read more

  • Christy Nix

    I just want to let you all know how much easier Gary made the process of my father in law passing easier for our family.. He handled everything with so much dignity and respect...He truly Is a godsend... I just want to extend much gratitude and appreciation to Gary... We appreciate all he did to make the process so much more tolerable.. THANK YOU.. Read more