We know that it is imperative that you know what options are available to you so that you can discuss the merits of each in the privacy of your home. Naturally we’re always here to answer any of your questions. Feel free to call us anytime to explore the possible ways you can care for both your loved one’s memory and their physical remains.

Service Books and Folders

Beyond the Meadow

Original artwork by Marjolein Bastin.


The delicate flower and inviting colors offer a tranquil escape during difficult times.


This design is a perfect remembrance for anyone whose heart belonged to the Wild West.

Dropped Reins

Displaying the image of a lone horse left behind by its rider, is a beautiful and symbolic tribute.


For the nature enthusiasts, the elk presents a beautiful scenery full of nature.

Family Tree

Original artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

Go Rest High

Original artwork by Rhonda Addison.

Jesus of Nazareth

The remarkable image of Jesus is skillfully depicted and will provide comfort and peace to all those

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Immaculate Heart of Mary is a magnificent portrayal of peace in its purist form.

Mule Deer

This series is the perfect tribute to nature enthusiasts.

Natures Flight

“Nature’s Flight” features colorful artwork by Russian artist Oleg Gavrilov.

On Freedom's Wings

The majestic and emotion-filled art of Rick Kelley is featured in this patriotic commemorative serie


This leather memorial register book features a beautiful ornate picture frame built into the cover.


Passages represents simple elegance.


Find comfort through the image of the bald eagle -soaring high with strength and courage.

Trusted Friend

A Trusted Friend, is by far the most touching children’s bereavement stationery available.

Water's Edge

Original artwork by Bonnie Mohr

White Wings

The symbolism of the pure white dove in the White Wing series expresses a universal message of peace

Winding Streams

The Winding Stream series features a stunning wilderness scene during the height fall.