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As something as big as a full ledge funeral may not be the right burial service for you. At Callahan-Edfast, we want you to know that we also offer cremation services in the Grand Junction area as well. 

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Our cremations are significantly less than compared to a normal funeral service and burial. This can be cost-effective as you don't have to get a headstone, grave, embalming and even a casket. This can save you thousands of dollars. Cremation urns are usually cheaper than caskets and so on.  

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Cremation provides a simpler approach to a standard memorial. With an urn being smaller and easier to handle it will make things such as transportation, handling, and dressing of a memorial. You can also make it fancy as possible or as simple making it much easier for you and your loved ones to set up a ceremony

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As the urn is easier to move around this makes it easy to store at home or transport. With cremation, this also frees up the timeframe which means you can plan for the best tie for friends and family to come. This also give you time to think about disposition of the body. 

Cremation Services

Disposition Ideas

There are also a lot of ideas for what to do with a cremated remains. There are some people who don't like to be buried in a casket and cremation offers all kinds of ways such as becoming a diamond using modern technology. Their are other memorials such as being planted as a tree. Some people choose to spread the remains at their favorite lake or even an ocean. 

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